Seattle's Visqueen previews new album with perfect summer jam 'Hand Me Down'

There can never be too much gritty power-pop, of the kind that requires you to play the song 15 times in a row while the melody burrows deeper and deeper into your cerebellum.

That’s exactly what Visqueen delivers on the first song from the band’s latest, “Message to Garcia.” With its spiky guitars, battering-ram drums and big sparkly horn-laced chorus, “Hand Me Down” is a classic garage-soaked summer jam, perfect for blaring as loudly as possible, whenever possible.

The album is an epitaph to singer Rachel Flotard’s father, who died of cancer in 2002. Flotard wrote these songs — a celebration of her dad’s life, for sure — in between working with Neko Case, Jon Rauhouse and the Long Winters.

“Message to Garcia” is out Sept. 8 on Flotard’s own 638 Local Records.

Hand Me Down mp3

(Photo by Kristy Cameron)

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