Alaska duo the Wagner Logic previews new album with 'Waiting for Snow'

The first song on the sophomore album by the Wagner Logic is called “Waiting for Snow.” Given that the band is from Alaska, we’re guessing it’s never a very long wait.

Snow jokes aside, the Alaska thing is significant: the song is like a photo negative of that psychedelic California sound from the ’60s, with reverb-heavy, lo-fi vocals, swirling bursts of noise and big, stinging guitars. Instead of evoking hazy sunshine, though, the tune captures the chill and windy desolation of six months of winter in a Kasilof, a town known best for salmon fishing and dog sledding.

It’s from the self-titled second album by the two-man band (James Glaves and Jeremy Wagner founded the band in 2000 as a lo-fi basement recording project). “The Wagner Logic” follows the band’s 2008 debut, “Easiest to Grab.”

Waiting for Snow mp3

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