Montana's Wartime Blues take urgent tack on 'Youth,' first song from debut LP

Montana isn’t known for its indie-rock scene, so maybe Wartime Blues is the start of something.

The eight-piece band from Missoula formed in 2006 and is said to split the difference between Wolf Parade and the Hold Steady. There’s a lot of ground to cover between those two acts, but to our ears, the group shares aesthetic similarities with bands like the Arcade Fire on “Youth,” the first single from Wartime Blues’ forthcoming debut.

The song is clamorous and earnest, with urgent vocals layered over a mix of piano, drums, knotty guitar lines and subtle banks of strings. It feels important, somehow weighty, and it’s catchy to boot. Wartime Blues’ album, “Doves and Drums,” is due later this year.

Youth mp3

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