The Wedding Present gives away song from punchy new LP

Rumor has it “Valentina,” the forthcoming new album from the Wedding Present, is something of a throwback, more in line with the band’s straight-ahead earlier indie-rock sound than more recent efforts.

That has to be enticing news to fans of the veteran UK band: the Wedding Present’s 1991 album, “Seamonsters,” remains something of a touchstone for the group, which formed in 1985 and has cycled through a considerable number of musicians over the years, with singer and co-founder David Gedge holding fast as the sole original member.

“Valentina” is the band’s eighth album, and the third since Gedge reconvened the band in 2005 after a hiatus he spent working on his other musical project, Cinerama. It wouldn’t be the 2010s without giving away a free song, so the Wedding Present is offering “You’re Dead,” a tune built on dense guitars, heavy drums and Gedge’s clever wordplay: “You’re not the one for me although/I just can’t seem to let you go/You appall me/OK, call me,” he sings on the bridge.

The album is due March 20 on Scopitones, and the Wedding Present starts a North American tour — on which it will play “Seamonsters” in its entirety — March 11 in Los Angeles.

You’re Dead

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