Weekend leans on fuzztone forebears on noisy and promising debut LP, 'Sports'

You can talk all you want about how Weekend is ripping off My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus and Mary Chain, but unless you really shout, the San Francisco trio isn’t likely to hear you.

That’s because on “Sports” (Slumberland), its relentlessly noisy debut, the band turns the reverb loud and fuzz even louder, using these effects not as window dressings, but rather as foundations for entire songs. The album is not without its share of yearning melodies, but set against Kevin Johnson’s lawnmower guitars, they get cut down like blades of grass.

Singer Shaun Durkan knows better than to compete with the instrumentation, and whether riding out the sonic hailstorm of “Coma Summer” or moving woozily through the placid drone of “Landscape” or “Monday Morning,” he settles for the stately phantom warble of Ian Curtis.

At this stage in its career, Weekend is too derivative a band to act flabbergasted when critics cite obvious influences, but Durcan and Johnson are no copycat hacks. They’ve got passion and broad palette of sounds, and when they make the sequel to “Sports,” they may be ready to play by their own rules.

— Text by Kenneth Partridge, photo by Brian Vu

Coma Summer mp3

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