White Denim gets sexy on free track from forthcoming EP

It’s been a busy year already for Austin, Texas, quartet White Denim. The group released its latest album, the critically acclaimed “D,” in May, and has spent plenty of time on the road. Now the band has a new EP on the way, along with another month’s worth of touring with Manchester Orchestra.

The EP, “Takes Place in Your Work Space,” doesn’t come out until Oct. 25 on Downtown, but the band is ready to get a little freaky right now with “Hot Thought.” It’s a slinky, sexy jam, with a flirty organ part wrapping itself around a deep, steady beat,  swaying bass line yeah-baby vocals (and is that a hint of AutoTune?). It’s maybe not what you’d expect from a bunch of rambunctious Texans, but it’s cool.


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