Richmond pysch band White Laces gives away mp3 from forthcoming self-titled EP

Anybody who starts their band in a squat known as “Unicorn Manor” is probably worth a listen — or, in the case of “dream garage” band White Laces, repeat listens.

The group began a year ago as a lo-fi bedroom project in Richmond, Va., expanded into a garage-rocking quartet and released a handful of homemade cassettes before repairing to Boston to record an official self-titled EP, due in January on Whole Ghost/Shdwply.

In a beneficent gesture of goodwill, White Laces is giving away one of the songs, “Motorik Twilight.” It’s noisy and knotted, with muffled cellphone vocals pushing against scrawls of terse guitar splashed over jittery drums.

Motorik Twilight mp3

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