Post-hardcore singer Mike Law indulges pop side with new project, Wild Arrows

It’s a safe bet that anyone who plays music for a living has been in more than one band, and so it is for Wild Arrows leader Mike Law. First he fronted the Boston post-hardcore band Eulcid (no, that’s not a typo), followed by New Idea Society, a more textured, less screamy group based in New York.

Now Law has a new project, Wild Arrows, which caters to his pop sensibility on a debut EP, “The Punks Don’t Know What Punk Is.” Law is giving away a free song, “Cloudbursting,” a dreamy tune with a steady drum beat powering layers of catchy, plaintive vocals soaked in reverb. The song is available below, and you can hear more from the EP — including a radical reimagining of Fugazi’s song “Great Cop”  via bandcamp.

“The Punks Don’t Know What Punk Is” came out Dec. 2; the band plans to release a full-length album in 2012.

Photo by Rebecca Turbow

Cloudbursting mp3

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