Seattle trio Wildildlife gives away noisy, swirling rocker from forthcoming album

First, is that guy holding a sword? And if so, does that make this one of the coolest press photos ever?

The band is Wildildlife (you can just say “wildlife”), a trio that formed in Boston, relocated to San Francisco and settled in Seattle, where Andy Crane (bass and vocals), Matthew J. Rogers (guitar and vocals) and Willy Nilzmake an unholy racket on their third studio album, “Give in to Live.”

That’s also the title of the free song, an epic bit of psychedelic rock marked by loose, ringing drums, reverberating vocals and a driving, abrasive guitar riff played at so deafening a volume it creates a sort of swirling effect. It other words, it’s pretty awesome.

The record, produced by Royal Trux co-founder Jennifer Herrema, has a couple different release dates: Oct. 26 for digital and February of next year for a limited run of colored vinyl.

Give in to Live mp3

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