Wolf Parade teases you with two free songs from new album, 'EXPO 86'

It seems ridiculous to think of Wolf Parade as underrated, given how much attention the Montreal band gets. But they’re just so good. And they’re only getting better, if the first two songs from their new album, “EXPO 86,” are any indication.

The first, “What Did My Lover Say,” finds starchy guitars cutting quickly around corners to frame icy Bowie-esque vocals, and the second, “Ghost Pressure,” piles synthesizer lines atop bursts of grainy guitar and veers into a middle section with staccato guitar and drum parts flashing like a strobe light.

What a tease, though: “EXPO 86” isn’t due for another six weeks. It comes out June 29 on Sub Pop.

What Did My Lover Say mp3
Ghost Pressure mp3

Photo by Meqo Sam Cecil

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