Acid Washed punches up Wolfmother's 'White Feather' with bright remix

Confession: Listen, Dammit, has never really understood the hipster obsession with remixes. It’s cool when Kanye does it and you get a sweet verse from Jay-Z, but remixed indie-rock songs have always seemed like overkill — “Last Night” by the Strokes is pretty good on its own, you know?

Now we’re starting to get it, thanks to Acid Washed’s remix of “White Feather” by Wolfmother. The French electronic duo actually makes the song better.

Wolfmother’s original version, from last year’s “Cosmic Egg” album, is pleasant enough, but it lacks a certain punch. Acid Washed makes the song brighter, bolder and more awesome overall, with a low pulsing bassline anchoring incandescent guitar, a spare rhythm track and catchy electronic sounds.

White Feather Acid Washed Remix mp3

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