Explosive band Women gives away first song from second full-length record

Listen, Dammit, got just a tad obsessed with “Cameras,” the opening song from Women’s 2008 self-titled debut, to the point where it took us a while to move further into the record. Clocking in at a punchy 61 seconds, the song was a taut, full-throttle introduction to the Calgary band, which returns Sept. 28 with “Public Strain.”

Free song “Eyesore” hails from the other end of the band’s spectrum: at nearly 6 1/2 minutes, it’s a sprawling tune packed with bright, gritty guitars and vocals saturated with reverb. Press material says the album “cycles through insomnia, paranoia, resignation and euphoria, which sounds like a hell of a good ride to us.

Eyesore mp3

Photo by Giulia Mazza

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