Y La Bamba Returns With Free Song From New EP, 'Oh February'

NPR says Y La Bamba singer Luzelena Mendoza has a “pre-legendary” voice, and while the attention is great, that’s a term that actually mean anything at all. So we’ll go one further and say she’s a singer you should be listening to. You have some choices, too: the Portland band has released a pair of full-length albums, 2011’s “Lupon” (listen to “Juniper”) and last year’s “Court the Storm” (check out “Squawk”). Or you can start with the most recent material, on today’s new release “Oh February,” an EP produced by the Decemberists’ Chris Funk.

As their name implies, Y La Bamba mixes traditional Mexican folk music with a rootsy indie sound, and the result is unfailingly captivating — even past the point of “pre-legendary,” whatever that means. Hear the title track from the new EP below, and check out the band’s recent Daytrotter session.

Oh February mp3

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