Electro-pop duo Yacht gives away cover of 'Nausea' by legendary punk band X

After releasing “See Mystery Lights” last year on DFA, electro-pop duo Yacht is getting ready to write and record the follow-up, but not without leaving a little something to tide you over.

The Portland, Ore., pair recently recorded for the BBC a cover of “Nausea” by the seminal L.A. punk band X, as a tribute to what Jona Bechtolt (him) and Claire L. Evans (her) describe as one of their favorite bands.

“Doing a cover of their ‘Nausea’ allowed us to lay hands, albeit momentarily, on the very structure of their greatness. To get lost inside a song we love, a song immortalized in our minds for its chaotic and sludgy performance in the opening credits of ‘The Decline of Western Civilization,'” the band says in a press release. “We wear ‘Nausea’ like a cloak, a little ill-fitting perhaps, but draped with reverence.”

Nausea mp3

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