Yoni Gordon teams with Franz Nicolay and Emilyn Brosky on 'Fairytale of NY'

“Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues is one of Listen, Dammit’s favorite holiday songs. It so perfectly captures the warmth of the season, the chill in the air and the sort of wistful ache that goes with counting your blessings and finding that, in spite of it all, they are many.

Although it’s been described as a tune about youthful hopes crushed under the weight of alcoholism and addiction, that’s too cynical an interpretation. It strikes us ultimately as a hopeful song, full of irascible affection beneath the bluster. Also, Christmas in New York City has never seemed so alluring.

Plenty of people have covered the song, and Jesse Malin’s version from last year’s “On Your Sleeve” is among the best. There’s also a new take on the tune from Brooklyn singer Yoni Gordon, pictured above with his band the Goods.

The song features Franz Nicolay of the Hold Steady (who has been busy this year with this and that) and Emilyn Brodsky. It’s part of a two-song single available here. The other tune is “On All Night,” a full-band take on a tune from Gordon’s 2005 solo record.

In exchange for downloading it, they’re asking for a donation of $5 to Feeding America, which partners with local food banks to help provide for those who would otherwise go hungry this holiday season. Listen to the song below, and donate right here. It’s great tune, and an excellent cause, so dig deep if you can.

Fairytale of New York mp3

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