Album review: You Scream I Scream's 'Zookeeper'

Photo by Joshua Simpson

It’s been years since Floyd Kellogg played with UConn funk band Adios Pantalones, but the singer and bassist nods at the old days, sort of, in a song on “Zookeeper,” the second album from his current group You Scream I Scream, which plays an album-release show Saturday, Sept. 8, at Arch Street Tavern in Hartford.

It’s a catchy, quirky album with propulsive basslines powering songs full of cinematic synths and woozy vocal hooks. Opener “Cars” slides past on layers of sweeping keyboards and gruff vocals, a jaunty whistled melody buoys the bobbing, bass-heavy “Baby” and a dance-grunge bass riff thrums beneath the snap of a snare drum on “Oh So Buena,” as drummer Audrey Sterk helps out on backing vocals.

Kellogg plays a popping bassline over icy keyboard stabs on “Adios Pantalones,” asking the question his earlier band only implied: “When is the part where we get to say ‘adios, pantalones?'” he sings. Really, that part is up to him, but let’s hope he waits until after the gig.

You Scream I Scream performs Saturday, Sept. 8, at Arch Street Tavern, 85 Arch St., Hartford. The Sweet Ones, Becky Kessler, Mandrake Mechanism and the Scenics round out the bill. Tickets are $10 at the door, which opens at 9 p.m. Click here for more information. 

— Eric R. Danton


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