Your Youth plays 'Edward 40 Hands' in new party video for 'Diamond' single

We’ve mentioned Your Youth once or twice before, but this time they have a video for their song “Diamond,” and it’s pretty sweet.

The band and director Jay Buim started with the idea of a classic party video, and then gave it a little tweak: kids jumping around while a live band plays became kids with 40-oz. bottles of delicious malt liquor taped to their hands, jumping around while a live band plays, resulting in some crazy hands-free hijinks.

Oh, Brooklyn.

The band was pleased with the result, which fits the mood of the song: “It’s great to have the video take the lyrics of the song pretty seriously/literally, in such an awesomely ridiculous way,” singer AJ Wolosenko says in a note from the band’s publicist.

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