Zee Avi gives away new song from sophomore record

It was two long years ago that Zee Avi charmed the hell out of us with her lovely self-titled debut, so saying we’re ready for some new jams rather understates the case.

Fortunately, Avi herself is ready: the Borneo-born siren returns Aug. 23 with her new album, “Ghostbird,” an album apparently inspired by a trip the Brooklyn resident took to the Everglades. To celebrate (or, you know, promote it), she’s giving away a free song that has charmed the hell out of us all over again.

The song, “The Book of Morris Johnson,” encapsulates everything that Avi does so well: it’s got an alluring rhythm, a twinkling array of mostly acoustic instruments and, of course, Avi’s limpid voice. The songs is yours here in exchange for your e-mail address, a trade that’s well worth it.

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