Winterpills Pays Tribute on ‘Echolalia’; Dennis Crommett Explores ‘The Coast Road’

Covers albums are trickier than they seem. Do a straight-up version of someone else’s song and it can seem more like imitation than homage, but misfire in reinterpreting the song’s essence and it’s a short fall into sacrilege. That makes for a small sweet spot, and Winterpills mostly manages to find it on “Echolalia” (Signature Sounds/Soft Alarm), the Northampton-area band’s new collection…


Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain Bring ‘Please Kill Me’ to Smith College

Together, Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain created the definitive overview of punk-rock in the 1970s with “Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk.” Now they’re applying the same approach to southern California culture between 1965-69, a time and place that gave rise to the Laurel Canyon folk scene that included bands like the Byrds and the Mamas and…


Oh, Cassius! Returns With ‘Carpenter’ From New Seven-Song EP

Meredith DiMenna’s voice has been one to reckon with since her days fronting the sleek Bridgeport pop-rock band Saint Bernadette. As bands do, they broke up, and DiMenna teamed with John Torres in the more roots-oriented Oh, Cassius! The duo today released “Carpenter,” the first song from their forthcoming seven-song EP, “On Such a Full Sea We Are Now Afloat.”