How Not to Write Like a Hack

So, you want to be an entertainment reporter. You love music, movies, TV, celebrity slap-fights or whatever, and you’re convinced that your life’s work should involve discussing them in public, for as wide an audience as you can reach. Excellent. It’s a fun job. Here’s how not to suck at it: Don’t write like an entertainment reporter.


Debbie Neigher Embraces Vulnerability on ‘I Am Ready’

There’s no shortage of artists with compelling backstories and interesting songs — artists like Debbie Neigher. The San Francisco singer and songwriter (and one time study-abroad student in Ghana) released her second album, “Unravel,” last fall, after giving up her job working with at-risk teens to focus full-time on music. Like her self-titled first album, Neigher recorded “Unravel” with John…